Whats happening

2010-10-25 10:00:44 by Slim-Bean

I'm starting to get a bit tired of popping in every few months updating this blog with the same old "I'm back" or "I'm doing <blah>" titles.

In my last post I mentioned I was starting out with 3D modeling and animation. Well lots has happened since then :)
Although I'm still working in Web Development, I now also work with a local indie developer group as a character artist. Right now things are looking up and we should have a BETA version of the game out some-time next year for PC, shortly followed by an Xbox version (If anyone wants to help test, give me a holler)

While thats all going on I recently turned my head back to flash. This time picking up papervision along the way.

Time permitting over the next 3 months I might be attempting a 3d flash game (decent 3d) I've only played a hand-full over my online-gaming career.
Whether or not I'll actually finish a long solo project when I have lots going on...

Before I round of what will probably be yet another bi-yearly post I should probably add that the London Meetup was awesome, look forward to seeing you guys again next year.

All the best,

- SlimBean

I'm Back

2010-03-14 07:18:33 by Slim-Bean

Its been a while since I've been here. Too busy with work and other crap. (Though I'm sure that A: Nobody noticed or B: Nobody cared)

Been working at a Web-Dev company in Sussex for the last few months, its been a blast but I'm looking to change industries.

So for the last 2-3 months I've been teaching myself 3ds Max , with the eventual goal of becoming a 3d Artist.

I'm not too hot on 3d animation...yet.

So in the meantime stay tuned for Art submissions. And my first 'series' entitled "Random Stuff from my desk"

I'm Back

Its all starting to happen

2009-07-28 07:53:46 by Slim-Bean

Well guys this is it!

About to finish my first PAID animation! Which should be submitted here by the end of the week!

I've also become an in house Flash Developer for a web-dev company! And the freelance projects keep rolling in!

And now I'm about to start one of my biggest projects to date...(More details to be revealed soon)

I owe a lot of this to NG without which I would probably have never believed I could do it. Thanks to the people who have stuck with me over the time I've spent here. Also for all the support I've received.

Couldn't have done it without you!

New Shizzle!

2009-04-27 14:53:09 by Slim-Bean

Recently managed to get hold of a studio-mic, And thus there is now an end to my crappy recording quality! :)

More on this, I'm in touch with around 7 local voice-actors and 2 composers, so if anyone needs some custom audio get in touch and we will work something out!

Also I should be submitting something new very soon...

Well I finally finished my first game in full :)

Things are looking even more up as its soon to be sponsored by a fuel efficiency company!

Been keeping busy (Unfortunately away from NG) working freelance on various websites and applications.

In the meantime I've been working on some other small projects, next in line for release is a game I've been working on for the past month.

With any luck I should be submitting on a regular basis from next month (Finally out of full time education).

On a side note, I have a game I've started making an engine for a game in AS3. Normally I would spend weeks on end making graphics but I'm starting to realise that I really need some back-up.

Any artist out there interested?

Pay negotiable, either a one-off payment or a rev-share depending on the quality of the art.
Get in touch!

Game almost finished

2009-02-03 06:58:55 by Slim-Bean

90% done, though its not the same one I was making in my last post :S.
Keep your ears open, it should be out very soon.

And Im Back!

2009-01-10 18:01:14 by Slim-Bean

So Ive been away for for a little while, and I actually ended up making a few animations since 'The Metaphor'. However each time I finished something I always felt like something was missing(therefore did not submit).

Anyway after improving my drawing and animation skills I decided one cold afternoon a couple of weeks ago that I was going to make finish and publish a game.

So 16 actionscript tutorials and a bunch of articles later I started out and now I can proudly say that Ive finished codeing the first level.

Was wondering what you guys might think of cinematic sequences between levels? (Of course skip option would be included)

Got the ball rolling

2008-07-19 18:31:11 by Slim-Bean

Well college is out for summer and I just used my EMA bonus to buy myself a sweeeeeeeeeet graphics tablet (Cue start of a new project)

I've begun some work on something me and a couple of friends were talking about filming a few months ago, but since one of the guys decided to go to America for three months I figured I may aswell write an episode. Then after about three hours I deiced I couldn't bothered to wait and I started animating characters.

Since my last submission I've been working on my drawing skills picking up where I was critisised, however this is my first jump into the world of drawing people. Needless to say so far it has been...interesting.

To the occasional animater that might pass through...any tips? :)

Anywho I should be subbmitting it soon, look forward to hearing from you guys!

The Metaphor

2008-05-31 06:23:07 by Slim-Bean

Well its done (at last) my first piece of finished flash. I must say I was astonished by the positive reactions I got from it. In the beginning I wasn't sure if it would make it past Judgment.

If you haven't had a gander yet, check it out and let me know what you think.

If you enjoyed it, you should definitely check out BlazingDragon's page for more amazing music

You might also want to have a look at Pureth who was the guy who got me started in Flash.

Thanks again NG! I'll be starting a new project very soon, in the meantime though...its off to work (Damn Saturday Shift!)