Entry #9

Whats happening

2010-10-25 10:00:44 by Slim-Bean

I'm starting to get a bit tired of popping in every few months updating this blog with the same old "I'm back" or "I'm doing <blah>" titles.

In my last post I mentioned I was starting out with 3D modeling and animation. Well lots has happened since then :)
Although I'm still working in Web Development, I now also work with a local indie developer group as a character artist. Right now things are looking up and we should have a BETA version of the game out some-time next year for PC, shortly followed by an Xbox version (If anyone wants to help test, give me a holler)

While thats all going on I recently turned my head back to flash. This time picking up papervision along the way.

Time permitting over the next 3 months I might be attempting a 3d flash game (decent 3d) I've only played a hand-full over my online-gaming career.
Whether or not I'll actually finish a long solo project when I have lots going on...

Before I round of what will probably be yet another bi-yearly post I should probably add that the London Meetup was awesome, look forward to seeing you guys again next year.

All the best,

- SlimBean


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2010-10-25 10:09:26

Funny you mention the London meet since already I'm thinking of the next one yet the Manchester meet in January hasn't even had its events announced yet. Not sure if you can make that one but if not, I'll be sure to see you again for the next London meet.

As for your working life, it's good to hear you're working for an indie developer. Best of luck for the upcoming game. :)

Slim-Bean responds:

Not sure if I can make the Manchester one :(
Moving out in a month, come January all my money will probably have flown away :P

If you and the others get up to much around London/Sussex, drop me a line and I'll find a way to get there. :)